Mysore is one the best places in South India to visit and enjoy its plethora of traditional and marvellous sites. You will find some of the perfectly engraved temples, and museums, unique art forms, diverse culture, and beautiful hills. With Mysore One Day Tour Packages you can view its heritages and astonishing architect and experience the balance of nature and human by yourself. The holy temples reflect the touch of Dravidian architecture. Every year the Dasara festival attracts the tourists with its glimpses of the past. 

Mysore Palace

The Mysore Maharaja Palace is the heart of the city and stands right at its centre. It’s a marvellous mixture of Hindu, Islamic, Gothic, and Rajput architectural styles. The beauty of the palace is in the fact that it’s as sober and majestic from the outside, as it’s glamorous and magnificent on the inside. If you happen to take any of the Mysore One Day Tour Packages, Mysore Palace would surely be amongst the top 5 places you’ll visit.

Also, there’s an enriching light and sound show organised from Monday to Saturday between 7 pm and 7:45 pm. This show narrates the history of Goddess Chamundi and the dynasties that shaped Mysore.

Chamundeshwari Temple

After a bit of history, we move to spirituality. The Chamundeshwari Temple is located atop the Chamundi Hills and looks over the city. This goes with the belief that Chamundi Mata always has the city and people of Mysore in her sights and under her protection.

Sitting here in peace is an out of the world experience. Spend an hour or so here, and you’d find your mind much more relaxed from the hassles of daily life. This calming experience is why Chamundeshwari Temple is included in most of the Mysore One Day Tour Packages.

Brindavan Gardens and KRS Dam

The Brindavan Gardens present a beautiful sight to the eyes. Throbbing with different varieties of flora, it’s the gateway to nature. Also, there’s an enjoyable light and sound show at 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm on weekdays and 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm on the weekends, where the fountain water dances to different tunes.

And overlooking the gardens is the KRS Dam. The dam and the lake amplify the beauty of the surroundings.